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NEOLEX is a reputed manufacturer of Power & Control Cables, Instrumentation Signals, RTD, Alarm Shielded & Co-axial Cables. The company has garnered a rich and varied experience in the field by catering to the needs of various industries. Neolex Cables has a fully equipped inhouse manufacturing unit and testing equipment enabling it to maintain total and complete control on the quality of cables manufactured by it. Customers are therefore ensured of consistency and product availability 24/7.

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Neolex Cablling Solutions

Neolex manufactures a wide range of cables suitable for various applications...

Complete Range Of Cables

Choose from a range of cables specially designed to suit your needs...

Cost And Quality Advantage

We assure quality through state-of-the-art inhouse manufacturing facilities...

Our Products

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Flexible Wires and Cables are used for transmission of low voltage signal, while permanently connecting

These Cables are used for distribution of low voltage electrical power in power stations and other

Speciality/Tailor-made Cables are designed and manufactured as per the customers' specifications.

RTD Cables carry temperature readings from remote or inaccessible areas to the control room.

These Cables are used in the control of the electrical distribution system in generating stations,

Signal Cables are imperative to keep the signal to noise ratio and the capacitance to the minimum in the

About Us

Today Neolex is a name that speaks for itself. It has carved its own identity and has come a long way in a short span of time, being a reputed manufacturer of Power and Control cables, Instrumentation signals, R.T.D, Alamshielded and Co-axial cables.


Lucky compound gala no. 7, Near Bhajanlal & Sons Dairy Sagpada, Devdal Kaman Bhiwandi Road, vasai east dist, Palghar - 401 208.

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