Neolex manufactures a wide variety of cables suitable for industries where process instrumentation plays a vital role in measurement. For eg. power generation & distribution, chemical & fertilizer industries and various other types of engineering industries.

Neolex Cables ensure smooth communication of low level signals from electronic transmitters to the control room. Neolex manufactures high quality Instrumentation Cables which effectively cut down any distortion or cross-talk. The superior Aluminum Mylar shielding (optional) ensures almost complete elimination of any noise. Instrumentation Cables by Neolex are designed as per IS:1554 (Part I), IS:8130, IS:5831, IS:3975, BS:5308 and undergo rigorous testing in its laboratory to ensure accurate readings.

The introduction of newer technology like microprocessor-based/computerised instrumentation necessitates stringent quality standards and special electrical parameters for instrumentation cables.

Very low level electrical signals are prone to external noise interference and heavy attenuation during transmission. All this means that the Cables to be used for instrumentation should be designed and manufactured very carefully. A deep understanding of product application enables Neolex Cables to put in meticulous efforts in maintaining, stringent process during the manufacturing process.

These Cables are widely used in core industries like petrochemicals, steel and aviation.

About Us

Today Neolex is a name that speaks for itself. It has carved its own identity and has come a long way in a short span of time, being a reputed manufacturer of Power and Control cables, Instrumentation signals, R.T.D, Alamshielded and Co-axial cables.


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